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Fire Bird 60-K

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Fire Bird Jet Trainer
Swiwin 60 Turbine

Wing span: 1600mm
Length: 1780mm
Flying weight: 6.5KG
Main wing tube: alminume tube
Servo size: Standard servo
Servo quantity: RudderX1, front turning x1, flapx1, aileronx2, brake valvex1
Main fuel tank: 2.6L
Engine: Kingtech K60 (Electric starting)
Battery: ECU6V-2200mAH (Powered by receiver) ; Jet power 9.9V-4000mAH (powered separately)
Flying time: around 7 minutes ( including starting)
Fuel: abbreviation coal + 5%  lubrication oil special for Jet
CG: main wing tube
9KG and above metal gear servo is suggested.
Main wheel diameter: 55mm + aerodynamic braking
QB canopy and fuselage dorsal for installing engine

Packagin Info

One in one box 108*50*26cm


Flight Vedio: