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Liberte 110 F3A 3D mix / electric

Time:2015-11-05 16:43:38Click:1329Size:T|T
Wingspan: 67.6”.0 in (1719mm) 
Overall Length: 1683mm  No spinner length
Wing Area:  58 dm2
Flying Weight:3.2kg) dry
Engine Size: 90-120 .YS 90 ,E power
Servos: Radio: 5-Channel with 5 digital Servos
Motor: Hacker C50-14L  ESC: Jeti Spin 99 OPTO
Battery: Flight Power      4250-8S or 5300-8S
Propelle:    APC 18x10 or 18x12E
Spinner: 2.16"(72mm)
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